SCI BMS lighting control using KNX/Dali

Lighting Control Systems

Lighting plays a significant role in a commercial building’s utility costs, often contributing up to 30% overhead. Utilizing LEDs instead of standard bulbs will reduce your carbon footprint and cut your electricity and maintenance costs. Failing to monitor and adapt the lighting systems to fluctuating occupancy, work hours and peak demand periods, can have a considerable financial impact. Intelligent building features of new energy efficient lighting systems can be integrated within a comprehensive BMS, along with HVAC and security capabilities – Allowing you to have real-time feedback on the energy performance of your entire building. Dedicated, responsive lighting control systems provide peace of mind and increased security in communal, underground parking bays or private residences. Lighting control systems can be accessed by the building/facilities management team through a graphics interface, with individual apartment/area controls handled by cloud technology. Check out our Blog post for more details on energy efficient building solutions.

As an approved KNX/Dali partner, SCI are experts in developing technical solutions for energy efficient lighting control systems.

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