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BEMS modernisation

Existing BMS systems are checked for availability of replacement components, and prevalence of component failure, in line with manufacturers’ guidance. As part of the BEMS modernisation, an upgrade plan is developed, maximising the service life of installed equipment, and bringing online new equipment when required. SCI will manage, and undertake the upgrade works with as little intrusion as possible, making for a seamless transition at minimal cost.

BEMS Configuration Optimization

Existing BMS system parameterization is examined and improved wherever possible. This BEMS Configuration Optimization includes, but is not limited to:

  • Measurement and adaptation of gain and loss time constants in algorithmically optimised time schedules.
  • Adaptation of hysteresis bands / limits against load factoring, time enabling and cycle profiles.
  • Checking of time scheduling to ensure parity with building/zones occupancy times.
  • Checking of PID loop parameters to ensure outputs operate over required input ranges, and integral/derivative times/constants operate in line with measured rates of change.
  • Checking of sensor calibration.
  • Ensuring all plant is operating in automatic, and only when required.
  • Maximising the demand driven operation of all HVAC systems.
  • Ensuring plant exercise routines/ microbiological routines are operating effectively, with minimal energy impact, and in line with local authority guidelines.

Graphical Supervisor Upgrade

Legacy and proprietary supervisors are now becoming redundant with an emphasis on open protocols and interoperability. We offer supervisor modernization strategies such as:

  • Upgrading of Trend 963 supervisor applications to Trend IQVision.
  • Upgrading of Niagara AX to Niagara 4.
  • Introduction of object reporting engines for specific telemetry reports.

For larger organisations with extensive building portfolios, we offer centralization services to bring all HVAC systems data back to one point. Additionally, we can normalize your systems data to overcome the problem of buildings engineered to differing specifications and with different systems installed. This enables much clearer comparison of building performance and status.

SCI Upgrade Projects

SCI secured multiple BMS upgrade contracts at Unilever House, 100 Victoria Embankment, London. The building has undergone a major re-fit whilst remaining in full use. SCI have now completed BMS upgrade works for clients Overbury, BW, ISG and Sodexo on site. Comprising office space and an upgraded restaurant area, the in-situ BMS design was not sufficient to manage the changing energy demands. SCI designed, built and commissioned the Trend based BMS upgrades, including new controllers for the Fan Coil Units (FCU) and chillers, and meter relocations. Why not get in touch to see how we can help with your BEMS modernisation project?

BEMS modernisation Unilever House SCI BMS
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