Why should I consider a Service or Maintenance contract from SCI?

Put simply, look after your BMS and it will look after you. At SCI we can offer you a focused support team with a strong engineering background, combining over 100 years of BMS expertise.

A well maintained BMS brings significant benefits to your building, and business. Given that a well maintained BMS can help reduce your energy consumption by up to 20%, it makes sound financial sense to have a reliable BMS maintenance plan in place. Cost savings are most often cited as the guiding principle for establishing a service and maintenance contract, but there are other, more subtle benefits too.

The BMS allows full, flexible control over your building’s environmental factors, such as light, temperature, humidity, air flow and quality. All of which have a marked impact on your work-force’s productivity. Poor indoor air quality can reduce your team’s work output by as much as 9%. Optimal office temperature is around 71F, and humidity levels are best kept between 20 and 60% (Indoor Air. 2004;14 Suppl 7:92-101, and OSHA).

Employees actually have the right to go home once the building temperature falls below 16°C (Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, 1999). Although there is currently no upper limit, The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers recommends the following temperatures for different working areas:

  • Heavy work in factories: 13°C
  • Light work in factories: 16°C
  • Hospital wards and shops: 18°C
  • Offices and dining rooms: 20°C

In large modern open plan offices, the position of vents and fans, and zonal air flow are also important. In addition, your requirements for the building may change in terms of occupancy, layout or usage, so the ability to re-optimize the BMS performance is vital. Consideration also needs to be given to equipment location. The HVAC requirements for a large Data Centre are very different from those of a small start-up office. But the underlying principle is the same – have a reputable company design and install the right system for you and your needs and then arrange regular service and maintenance.

Introduction of Energy Efficiency Measures

Extensive R&D in the field of energy management has unlocked a new paradigm of control methodology. The following BMS bolt on mechanisms are offered as software strategy improvements which consequently reduce building primary energy use, and improve the operating life of plant and systems as a whole;

  • Data visualisation
  • Advanced time monitoring
  • Plant sequencing audit
  • Primary system load tracking/ compensation
  • Inter-seasonal setpoint variation
  • Democratic zoning (simultaneous heating/cooling remedy)
  • Fault detection & diagnostics

Continuous Commissioning Cycles

With the HVAC telemetry points and data capacity now available to most enterprises, it seems wasteful not to embed automated re-commissioning cycles into the BEMS software as standard. Our bolt on mechanisms include the following;

  • Hydraulic performance checks
  • Valve leakage / blockage monitoring
  • Component failure monitoring
  • Motor operation checks
  • Pump operation checks
  • Fan / Pump performance checks

We also offer seasonal commissioning checks which operate automatically during minimum and maximum ambient conditions to verify achievement of design conditions or analyze deviation from design conditions to measure overall building services performance.

Service Contract

Regular Preventative Maintenance visits will ensure your BMS is working optimally, but if a breakdown or performance issue occurs, you have can have peace of mind if you have taken out an SCI Service Contract. We offer a flexible, bespoke service to meet your needs, and our team of service and maintenance engineers deliver over 70 years of expertise to our business and yours. Under our Service Contract provision, we will repair or replace faulty equipment as necessary. Most of the systems we maintain are configured for remote monitoring, meaning you as the client are notified when sensors detect the system is not working within expected tolerances. If you are interested in setting up a Service Contract, go to our Contact us page and get in touch.


We are experts in all major BMS/BEMS. If your BMS system develops a fault, contact our Service and Maintenance team. In some cases they will be able to dial into your system and provide you with technical assistance to address the issue over the telephone. If the issue requires a site visit by an engineer, this will be arranged.

BMS is our business. How can we help yours?

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