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As a combination of software and electronic, electrical and mechanical devices, a Building Management System (BMS or BEMS) can be designed to continuously control and monitor the energy performance of a building. Most commonly used to control HVAC systems in large buildings, BMS in new build projects are also increasingly being used to control even more complex systems including lighting and even smart/IOT products. In managing energy demand, and monitoring changes in energy consumption in real time, an effectively designed and installed BMS in a new build has the potential to leverage significant cost savings.

At SCI we have extensive experience of designing BMS to integrate HVAC, fire safety measures and lighting systems, using electronic controllers from Honeywell, Centraline and Trend, and other manufacturers supporting KNX protocol platforms.

BEMS have evolved rapidly in the last 3 years, and it’s now possible to have entire buildings continuously monitored and controlled with a finely tuned system incorporating advanced network security protocols. SCI has invested in these advances, and we can now offer these state-of-the-art services for new build programs, whilst also providing cyber audits and breach consultancy for existing systems.

SCI New build project

Main contractors O’Shea employed M+E contractor Ampsail to develop a package of works at Building 8 at Baltimore Wharf in London E14.

In Spring 2018, SCI secured the contract to design, manufacture, install, project manage and commission the BMS for the new high-rise luxury residential tower at the development.

SCI have designed the entire BMS within the energy centre and satellite plant rooms, which will provide HVAC services to 706 apartments.

The team started work on site on this 12-month project in September 2018.

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SCI BMS Engineer - new build installation

SCIBMS Ampsail Building 8 New build BMS

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